First of all, an apology – the aim for Rugby League Hub was to publish semi-regular posts with our thoughts and opinions on events around the game that we love. The intention was never to publish once a day, or even once every couple of days but more as and when we see fit – we’re not here to attempt to take over the more established online offerings, Rugby AM, 18th Man etc… We aim to be different. You only need to look towards The Damo Bit to see this.

However, we also aimed to publish a lot more regular than we have – no post for nearly a month is fairly shameful HOWEVER we do have a good reason.


Over the past few weeks Glenn has been looking at a rebrand for Rugby League Hub – since we started in 2013 the logo and theme has been very consistent and changed very little. This will soon change.

Damo travels

Our primary author Damo has been travelling the length and breadth of the country and who can blame him? Taking in the sights and of course some of the finest UK watering holes the time just hasn’t been there to put pen to paper. However, he already has some ideas and some words down now and we’re looking to get these published for your reading pleasure very soon.

In the meantime, why not check out our app? With up-to-date news, results, fixtures and more there is plenty in there to keep you entertained.

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Glenn Taylor

Glenn is the founder and sole developer of both the Rugby League Hub website and Android app. A staunch supporter of the Leeds Rhinos team and huge advocate of the sport in general, he has been visiting Rugby League grounds around the UK since a young age.