The history of Rugby League Hub

Interested in finding out more about our origins? Read on below.

The Rugby League App

Rugby League Hub was founded in March 2013 by Glenn Taylor and started life as nothing more than a basic Android app. Then called 'The Rugby League App' it went on to be installed on around 350 devices, with a basic feature set and a primitive user interface.

The RL App

After a few months of tinkering with the app it was decided the name was far too generic and didn't quite fit the overall branding vision for the app long term. Not only this but we also wanted to extend our reach and incorporate information and updates spanning a number of leagues across the world.

The Rugby League App was initially born out of frustration for the lack of easy access to fixtures, results, latest news and more for the UK based Super League for anybody that owns an Android device.

Moving forward to August 2013 and the first version of Rugby League Hub went live on the Google Play Store.

Early versions of Rugby League Hub followed on very closely from The Rugby League App in terms of look, feel and functionality.

The very first versions of Rugby League Hub provided access to not only the Super League but also the Championship division in the UK.

This was ultimately a great move to make and a popular one too, the Championship division in the UK doesn't get very much coverage from the mainstream RL press and we sought out to improve that in our own small way.

This kickstarted a massive effort to start cataloging a number of leagues around the world, including the most in-demand league for us at the time, the NRL.

Today Rugby League Hub has access to 10 leagues / competitions, they are: Super League, Championship, League 1, NRL, Challenge Cup, Super 8's, Qualifiers, Championship Shield, World Club Challenge & Four Nations.

Early version of RLHUB

The Rebrand

Whilst RLHUB has seen numerous design changes over the years, the most standout brand and the brand we use today was born in January 2014.

2014 rebrand splash screen - RLHUB

Following discussions with good friend and former colleague James Butler he decided he would come onboard to help me create the foundations of the app style we use today with a unique, creative splash screen for the app and ultimately a brand identity that is still followed closely today.

Ever since January 2014 and our rebrand, Rugby League Hub has grown more and more popular with a large user base spanning over 6,000 device installs and a regular monthly user base of around 600 people.

We've gone on to amass over 110,000 news articles from 60+ sources around the world which is growing daily by between as little as 10 up to 100+ per day.

The Future

This website is very much the first step in our long term plan for Rugby League Hub, with our own writers creating regular content with a vision to create a community for Rugby League supporters both on the web, and on mobile.

The next step on the mobile development roadmap is to pull through the articles from this website directly through to the app alongside all other news and updates.

Rugby League has an exciting 2017 ahead with the Rugby League World Cup taking place later this year in Australia. One of our next steps for the app is to integrate this competition ready to provide fans with the latest news, results and fixtures from the competition and of course live scores and updates.

How you can help

As part of our new venture on to the desktop, we're on the lookout for up and coming writers / journalists or just people who love the sport as much as we do to contribute.

Do you have an opinion piece you want to share with our fans? Get in touch today!